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Polly Westcott

Polly Westcott
Instrumental Music Teacher

B.A. Music Education, Johnson State College External Degree Program, 1995 

My teaching career began nontraditionally in 1985 when I was hired as an assistant to the Director of Music at Kurn Hattin Homes in Westminster, Vermont. Prior to that, I had spent eleven years in the office of Hubbard Farms in Walpole, New Hampshire. I really was not compatible with sitting quietly behind a desk for eight hours a day, so when my daughter was born in 1984, I was ready to make the move into what I really wanted to do. 

Kurn Hattin was a great place to begin teaching, especially music, since it included band, chorus, and general music classes. Ten years later, I had earned my degree and took a position involving choral, general, and some instrumental music at Keene Middle School. In August of 1997, I began teaching the instrumental music programs at Chester-Andover and Cavendish Town Elementary Schools, and I’ve been here every since. 

Over these years there have been many changes at both schools, including one that resulted in my taking over the general music program at CTES in the fall of 2011, a position I very much enjoy. It has become a nice compliment to the two instrumental programs, opening up an opportunity for me to integrate with classroom teachers, expand my perspective beyond the instrumental programs, and as a bonus, allowed for my getting to know all of the students in the school, as I did at Kurn Hattin. 

For those wishing to contact me, I am at CAES Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and at CTES on Thursday and Friday.