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Cindi Austin

Cindi Austin
Vocal Music Teacher

Hi, My name is Cindi Austin and I have been teaching general and choral music at Chester-Andover Elementary School mornings for the past 15 years. I live in Springfield, Vermont with my husband Dan and two golden retrievers, Remi and Lucy. I live in an apple orchard and love to cook, sew, and knit. I teach each grade level general music and we meet once a week for 40 minutes. I also offer chorus to any student in grades 3-6 on Tuesdays mornings. The chorus performs in the annual Holiday Concert in December and again in April for the Pops Concert. My afternoons are spent at GMUHS teaching middle and high school chorus.
I am certified to teach music K-12 with the State of Vermont. I attended the University of Vermont and graduated from Johnson State College with a degree in Music Education. I have been working in many locations in Vermont for the past 25 years and love teaching students to become musicians.