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Kathy Martens

Kathy Martens
1st Grade Teacher

My name is Kathy Martens and I am a first grade teacher at Chester-Andover. I grew up in Chester and graduated from Green Mountain Union High School. I went to Easter Mennonite College in Harrisonburg, Virginia and graduated with a bachelor of Science degree in Early Elementary Education. After graduation I decided to return to and teach in the town I have always loved. During the past number of years I have had classroom teaching experience in 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and multiage 1-2 classrooms. I also spent a few years teaching in an Early Education Resource Room. I immensely enjoy discovering the unique treasure inside each and every child I teach and I never lose sight of the fact that families send their children off each day trusting that classrooms will be warm, caring, and loaded with thoughtful planning. I feel honored to be trusted with such a privilege and responsibility. 

When I am not busy in my classroom I enjoy reading, working in flower gardens, putting puzzles together, traveling, taking long walks, and visiting with family and friends.