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Meet New School Wide Math Teacher - Laurie Birmingham

posted Sep 14, 2015, 5:04 AM by shannon.thompson@trsu.org
Hello!  My name is Laurie Birmingham and I’m excited to be teaching at Chester Andover Elementary School this year.  I started my teaching career right here in Chester in 1998 as 5/6 teacher.  As much as I loved teaching here it was only a one year position. The next year I began teaching in Grafton, Vermont where I taught grades 5/6 for 5 years.  During my time in Grafton I earned a Master’s degree from the University of Vermont’s Mathematics Initiative, (VMI) a three-year program whose goal is to improve the mathematical knowledge of teachers K-6.  In 2004 I decided to put teaching on hold to raise a family.  I was fortunate enough to stay home while my children were young, but during those years I maintained my teaching license by taking numerous classes, volunteering at CAES and tutoring.  Last year I worked part time at Elm Hill, a K-2 school, in Springfield, Vermont as a math interventionist.   Not only am I passionate about teaching I am passionate about the community of Chester in which I live.

At CAES I will be working as a math interventionist. My job is provide Tier 2 instruction in the area of mathematics. This means I provide targeted intervention to students in addition to their regular math instruction. I pull small groups of students and work with them in my classroom out in the “White House”. I may also push into their classroom to help out as well. In addition to intervention groups I will be teaching Everyday Mathematics to a group of 3rd graders.