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6th Grade CAES Students participate in Middle School Mathletes

posted Feb 9, 2016, 5:49 AM by shannon.thompson@trsu.org
Over thirty years ago, the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series was created as an extracurricular activity to reach students who have a love of math and an intrinsic desire to solve problems. Competition students begin the series at the school level and progress to local chapter competitions, state competitions and finally the National Competition. Over six million students have participated in this program so far, and this year MATHCOUNTS invited members of the alumni network to return to meet current Mathletes and give them advice on how to continue to foster their love of math.

The National Math Club gives students a place to learn and enjoy math in a non-competitive setting. Generously sponsored by the Northrop Grumman Foundation, the National Math Club is a completely free program in which club leaders are provided fun resources and activities to use with their students in an extracurricular setting.

On Saturday, February 6, Coaches Julie Parah and Rebecca Bushey joined nine students from Green Mountain and Chester-Andover on a trip to Windsor for the Southeast Vermont Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition. Four of the students representing GM in the official competition finished in first place among the six schools participating for our region. These students are Kameron Cummings (8th grade-GM), Anna Solzhenitsyn (8th grade-GM), Alex Hutchins (7th grade-GM), and Miles Garvin (6th grade-CAES). Anna also earned honors by achieving the first place individual score and Alex finished with the second place individual score for the region. Anna, Kam and Miles each participated in the Countdown Round, with Anna finishing as first runner up.

Also attending on Saturday were Aiden Farrar, Maya Farrar, Jayden Hinkle, Royce Schultz and Sarah Warnacke (all 6th graders-CAES). Congratulations to our Middle School Mathletes!